C-Bear BB30A Cannondale ROTOR 30mm Easton Sram DZero


Compatibility with all ROTOR 30mm axle cranks including Inpower. Illiminates need for the 11mm spacers. Bearings in housing close to cranks illimantes creaks.

Rotor 3D+
Rex 1
Rex 2
Easton Sram DZero


For Hollowgram 30mm axle cranksets use the PF30-r for this application on these bikes

The latest standard introduced by Cannondale BB30A is used for its Super Six Evo and Slice Road frame with a non standard bottom bracket shell of 73 mm versus commonly 68 mm for road frames, and fits a 42mm Aperture.
The “A” stands for Asymmetric.  PF30A adds 5mm to the non-drive side of the BB shell.


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