Hope Tech 4 E4 Disc Brake R/H Front Standard Hose Black/Silver

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The all-new Tech 4 is more than just a change of colour and logos. It draws on 25+ years of experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic brake systems, to create a brake that not only has increased power but also delivers that power consistently from the moment the lever is pulled.   Designed with the rider in mind, the Tech 4 has an increased hydraulic and mechanical ratio. The result of this produces a linear relationship between brake pressure and lever force making it easy and intuitive to control the power. The increased mechanical ratio has also been fine-tuned using real riding data and extensive dyno testing making it the most efficient at lever forces typically used during riding.

The internal sealing is all new for reduced friction, and the pivot spins on roller bearings, allowing the spring rate to be reduced. This lower spring rate gives a lighter lever action, reducing rider fatigue, whilst keeping our legendary feel and modulation.  Combined, all the changes result in the best balance of feel and power. Power that is useable throughout the full range of reach and bite point adjustment, whilst still producing a 30% pressure increase over the Tech 3 for a given force.

The Tech 4 uses a hinged clamp to reduce weight, and the reservoir area has been increased to lower the overall stack height. Shifter integration has been improved and now offers 30° of angle adjustment as well as neater packaging and compatibility with the latest shifters. Lateral adjustment on both sides of the master cylinder is also possible to give a wide range of lever position options whilst retaining the tool free bite point and reach adjustments from the Tech 3.


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