Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Wheelset HG

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When this number came onto the market it marked a massive innovation in the field of low-profile wheels. What is innovative about the Racing Zero Carbon wheel is the concept: carbon and aluminium blend together to form a unique combination that has successfully re-interpreted the Racing Zero legend with a top-of-the-range version.

It has frequently been praised as super stiff thanks to the aluminium spokes, super reactive thanks to its lightweight rim as well as boasting razor-sharp precision during riding, in addition to being Sturdy and comfortable, light and stable during the tensest moments of a race. What else is there to add? Nothing, except that this wheel for racing bicycles can be improved with a new, lighter, more reactive and stiffer rim.

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Treatment is a completely new technology that combines a very engaging total black look with high range specs, including a special braking surface that creates new standards for braking on aluminum road bike wheels.

The Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation process gives the braking surface very special characteristics regarding hardness and wear resistance.

The aim of Fulcrum’s R&D department was clear and perhaps seen as a given: the character is not to be touched but the performance can be improved. The rim’s standard measurements have stayed the same: 30 mm in height with a 17C groove that is a perfect fit for 25mm tyres.


  • Tyre Type – clincher
  • Weight – 1506 g.
  • Rim height – Front 27 Rear 30 mm
  • Rim width (internal) – 17mm
  • Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Treatment


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