VeloToze Short Road Shoe Cover Red

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VeloToze short shoe covers are a very close fit, waterproof and windproof overshoe. Lightweight and easily stowable, the veloToze short overshoes fit in your pocket in case of emergencies.

Designed to be worn on cool, showery days, when you don’t need full waterproof protection but need to be shielded from the wind and spray.

These short overshoes are cut to an ankle length and are very close-fitting, they will fully cover your shoe to keep the worst of what the road and weather can throw at you off your feet.



S/M : EU 37-42.5

L/XL: EU 43-47

Please note: Due to the shoe cover’s lightweight construction we recommend care when fitting as shoe buckles may damage the latex. Follow the fitting instructions to avoid damage.

Fitting Instructions:

Put on your socks
Place foot through the ankle hole, then the large cleat hole to pull on the velotoze shoe cover
Then put on your shoe. Warning: Shoe cover may tear if you do not FIRST put on the shoe cover, then the shoe
Pull shoecover over the heel of the shoe FIRST, then the toe
Ensure no part of the shoe covers are over the cleats or heel pad. Pull shoe cover off of cleats and heel pad if necessary.
To remove, follow instructions in reverse order. To make it easier to put them on the next time, add baby powder to inside of shoe covers after wearing

Care Instructions:

If wearing leg-warmers or tall socks, ensure top of shoe covers are directly against the skin. If socks or legwarmers are between top of shoe cover and skin, water may enter the shoe cover
To prevent water from entering the shoe from the bottom of the shoe, remove insole of shoe and place tape over vent opening
To clean shoe covers, wipe with a cool, wet cloth. Do not put shoe covers in a washing machine
To dry, hang shoe covers over a hanger or ledge or wipe with a dry cloth. The material does not absorb water, so they should dry quickly. Do not put shoe covers in clothes dryer
After repeated use, apply talcum or baby powder to inside of shoe cover to prevent sticking
Avoid contact with sharp objects
Do not store in direct sunlight